No Anna Kendrick Should Not Be Robin In The Batman

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In recent promotional interviews for her new movie The Accountant, which also stars Batman himself Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick has been making her plea for the coveted role of Robin in Affleck’s “The Batman” film.

At first glance she seems like a fun choice for the role.  After all Robin has always been the light to the darkness of Batman’s brooding, not to mention a bit of levity in the super serious DCEU would be a nice change of pace.  However, the problem with Anna is that she’s 31 right now, and will probably be 34 or so when they finally get around to filming this moving.

This isn’t 1995’s Batman Forever where we cast someone way to old to play Robin, to play Robin.   Kendrick is adorable and I love her in a ton of different roles in a few genres.  Seeing her take on a role in either the DCEU or even Marvel (Squirrel Girl anyone?) but seeing a mid-30’s actor as Robin is a little sad, even one as wonderful as Anna.  How about we find a more suitable DCEU role for her, maybe Batgirl?  Since we’re obviously going to have a 30 year old Nightwing it would only make sense that Barbra Gordon would be around the same age and Anna definitely has the look for that role, especially the way she was drawn in the New 52.


Once again DC and Warner Bros should look to Marvel Studios for Inspiration, just look at how fantastically cast Tom Holland is as Spider-man.  A movie franchise that had become so tired because of 3 lackluster movies in once again invigorated because we the fans are finally getting something we’ve never seen but always wanted to, a live action Spidey who is not a 30 year old playing a 16 year old, but an actual 16 year old in the role and thus far it has worked to perfection.  We have never seen an actual “Boy Wonder” simply a man playing a boy in the role of Robin.  It would be wonderful to see a teen play that role, much like how I suggested casting Stranger Things’ Tim Wolfhand as Tim Drake in my The Batman Casting Call article.  A teen Robin could bring some lightness to the DCEU and give us something we haven’t seen.

So what do you think loyal reader?  Do you want to see Anna Kendrick as Robin or Batgirl in the DCEU?  What other roles in a comic film do you think she’d be perfect for?  Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Anna hasn’t been “making her plea” for the role. That whole “interview” was a sketch that Josh Horowitz from MTV wrote. That’s why there’s a sudden costume change & dramatic music as Ben talks about how he wanted to play Beca in Pitch Perfect. The whole thing is a joke that people are treating like it’s an actual news story.

    • Thanks for the comment Vincent, and yes you’re right (I should have made the sketch aspect of that more clear in my article) but more or less this article was in response to everyone taking this seriously and wanting her as Robin. But just curious, what kind of comic role would you like to see her in?

      • I used to want to see her as the Harley Quinn we saw in Batman the Animated Series. The little version in the Harlequin outfit. Now that Margot Robbie has that part I think Barbara Gordon is the most obvious choice. The new 52 version of her looks a lot like Anna, so I don’t think we’re the only ones that think she would fit that role. It’s a different role for her, but I would be very interested to see what she does with it.

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