New Batman Comes With It A New Theme

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So now that we’re getting a new Batman in DC’s cinematic universe, naturally we’re getting a new theme by Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg (because fuck the classics), we went through this a few years ago as well with the Christopher Nolan Bat-flicks got a new theme composed by Hans Zimmer, but none compare to Danny Elfman’s original Batman Theme for Batman 89 (also the animated series).

89 batman

The Elfman theme conveyed power, struggle, sadness, and something grand.  The Zimmer score for Nolan’s movies is very good and conveys a lot of the same emotions of Elfman’s score, but there is just something missing that makes it rank below what came before (and I’ll admit that missing thing could be nostalgia).  The new one however, is just noise, littlerally it sounds like my son just banging away on his drums (he’s 7 to give you an idea).  This theme would be cool if it accompanied a fight scene but to be Batman’s main theme it’s just lacking in… well music, and it kind of sounds like it’s ripping off the Terminator theme.

But I’m not surprised, unlike Bryan Signer before him, Zack Snyder decided not to go with the classic Superman Theme by John Williams, instead of going with something from Hans Zimmer to replace it.  Again, Han’s effort is not a bad one, it’s just not Superman.  It has a very slow build up and where it’s a nice orchestrated piece its very plane and could be put in almost any movie.  Compare that with Williams’ theme that starts with the brass section and then to the woodwinds with the strings in the background, holy shit, this theme not only makes me believe that a man can fly, but that I can fucking fly.  In no world should you ever replace a John Williams’ score, EVER!  Shit, J.J. Abrams knew this, he forwent his right hand composer Michael Giacchino (who has done almost anything J.J. has had a hand in) in favor of John Williams, because you don’t fucking replace John Williams, and in spite of all of Superman Returns’ failings (side note I like that movie) the smartest move Bryan Singer made was to leave John Williams’ theme alone.

Check out the different themes below and let us know which are your favorites.  My order goes;

  1. Williams’ Superman
  2. Elfman Batman
  3. Zimmer Batman
  4. Zimmer MoS

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