Is Zack Snyder Killing the DC Movie-Verse?

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First off I want to note that I have not seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet and that this is not in anyway an official review from this site.  I plan on seeing this film this weekend and I’ll do my best not to let any other opinions sway mine.

bat v sup

With that said I saw someone post the Rotten Tomato score for the film and at that time it was at 46% and as of me writing this it’s down to a 42% with 83 reviews so far.  Since the score was so low I decided to read some of the reviews (good and bad) and the common theme that I’ve gotten from them is that Zack Snyder is the problem.

This quote from Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death (never head of it) gave me pause “This film feels like Zack Snyder hobbling the entire upcoming DC Movieverse before it gets started.”

And then this “Questions regarding violence and mayhem are drowned out by violence and mayhem. Such is the superhero life as directed by Zack Snyder. There is no problem that can’t be solved with a cranium-rattling explosion or two.” from Bill Goodykoontz of the Arizona Rebuplic (and he had a positive review) also raised an eyebrow.

The common thread throughout most of the reviews (good and bad) that I read was that Ben Affleck is great, Gal Goodot and Henry Cavill are good, Jessie Eisenberg is totally miscast, and that Zack Snyder delivers a gloomy poorly edited movie.  Also noted by the Schmoes on the Schmoes Knows YouTube channel  noted that this is not a movie for kids, which is remarkable to me with the heavy dose of toys I see whenever I’m at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

This leads me to my point, is Snyder killing the DCU before it really even kicks off?  I think he might be.  It’s no secret that I wasn’t a big fan of Man of Steel nor am I really a fan of Snyder.  His remake of Dawn of the Dead was fantastic, 300 is freaking great, Watchmen was bad (and the comic is over rated, please feel free to post your hate in the comments), and the Owl movie and Sucker Punch were terrible.

The DCU isn’t dead yet, we still have David Ayer’s Suicide Squad in August and his vision for the DCU could be a better one (he is a better director after all) and even the big dog in the yard Marvel isn’t opposed to switching the directors who are the guiding hands.  They’ve moved on from Joss Whedon to The Russo brothers and honestly I can see WB and DC doing the same thing if this movie continues to receive poor reviews and if the box office returns aren’t there.

DC isn’t dead, but if this movie doesn’t do well at the box office Snyder’s time at helming it might be.

So what do you think dear reader?  What are your thoughts on Bats v Supes and Zack Snyder?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I read a review earlier today and it wasn’t pretty. It said pretty much what you mentioned.
    Watchman bad? [Enter hateful comments here]
    Ha. It’s all good. I liked it and at the same time I like Sucker Punch. Mainly the visuals though.

    I don’t like the broody superman at all. Superman isn’t all dark and gritty like Snyder is making him. The whole darker superman is dumb.
    I liked Man of Steel though. Hated that he killed Zod. SUPERMAN DOESN’T KILL!
    The destruction of Metropolis was way overboard.

    I am seeing it this Sat. Should be cool though. I’m looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman kick some butt. I was very hesitant on the casting but the trailers look great and the promo stuff from the solo movie look pretty good too.

    • I’ll be seeing the movie at some point, though the reviews have made me less excited to go see it right away. I might catch a matinee on Sunday which I will be dragging Nelson to while he kicks and screams. I hoping it’s enjoyable but right now it doesn’t seem it will be.

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