Deathstroke Coming to the DCEU?

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This morning on twitter, Ben Affleck posted a very interesting video.  The video clearly shows the villain Deathstroke in a long corridor.  So obviously this isn’t some fan faked film or Arrow B-roll this is a legit video of Deathstroke, but what is it for?

The quick answer would be Justice League but I don’t think so, and here’s why.  Deathstroke started out as a Teen Titans’ villain, but as his popularity grew into the late 90’s and early 2000’s he started taking on some heavier hitters, most notably Batman and Nightwing.   Also, where Slade Wilson lacked in meta-abilities against some of the Titans he made up for it in his superior intellect and wisdom gained through out years of combat.  He wouldn’t be much of a foe for the League namely because he won’t out smart Batman, Superman and Cyborg trump his abilities, and Wonder Woman has more on him in years and experience, and I haven’t even brought up Aquaman and Flash.  Needless to say he wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

In fact if he’s in JL, I’d imagine it’s only a quick cameo, either end credits or with Batman early on, there is no way he’s going up against the League, at least I hope not.  My fear is that Lex or Steppon Wolf hired him to take out the league and he just gets his ass kicked.  Next to the Joker, Deathstroke is probably DC’s most popular villain, it would behoove them not to fuck it up.

So if he’s not in the JL movie, what could this be for?  My guess is it’s a screen test for Batman.  My reasoning for this is the aforementioned reasons above, but also they way Ben is showing it to us.  He’s not filming the scene directly on his phone, nope he’s filming a small monitor, one a director might be viewing the scene through.

I think Ben is giving us a sneak peak at the villain in his Batman movie, that or he’s trolling the fuck out of us, which in all honest I wouldn’t mind.  With all the secretive nature of comic book movies these days it would be cool for one of the film makers involved to do some trolling like that.  Anyways loyal reader, what’s your thought on the clip below?

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