Casting Call: Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Part V

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Welcome to Part V of our Ben Affleck Batman Movie Casting Call, where it all began with me writing about What Batman Movie Ben Affleck Should Make, then Part I Part II,  Part III , and Part IV of this 5 part series.

We have now come to the finale of this epic casting call and I’ve saved the best for last, The Joker (played by Jared Leto) and his tale, however, unlike the other villains in this tale he doesn’t care about killing Batman, to quote the Joker from The Dark Knight “Kill you? I don’t want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, you… you complete me.”  No he gets dark and tells the story of how he killed Batman’s sidekick Robin.

Batman fans know this tale as A Death in the Family and it is probably the most famous of all of his stories.  The characters for this tale would be the Joker and added for the DCEU would be Harley (played by Margo Robbie) as in Suicide Squad she was mentioned as an accomplice to Robin’s death, the second Robin a.k.a Jason Todd, Batman, and Todd’s mother.

Jason Todd a.k.a Robin:  To play this role you need a young actor who play a troubled teen who at times can be ruthless and immediately I thought of Asa Butterfield who was extremely good in Ender’s Game where he played alongside Harrison Ford and did that very well as the troubled Ender.  I can seem him doing this just as well if not better with Ben Affleck.

joker robin

Sheila Haywood a.k.a Jason’s mother:  Jason Todd’s mother is a very unique and complex woman and is the catalyst to the whole story.  Jason was believed to be an orphan but it was the discovery by Batman this his mother might still be alive that sent Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd globetrotting to find her and what caused them to cross paths with the Joker and sent Jason to his fate.  Other than the description I said above I won’t tell you anymore about this character since it would spoil the story and if you’re a Batman fan and haven’t read it yet you really should, but to play Todd’s mother I felt an actress like Renee Russo would be perfect.  Throughout her career she’s shown so much range and her presence would bring instant respect to this role.

So that is the end of this massively long Casting Call, what did you think dear reader?  Which ones would you change?  Let us know in the comments below, and as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our ourFacebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.


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