Casting Call: Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Part IV

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Welcome to Part IV of our Ben Affleck Batman Movie Casting Call, where it all began with me writing about What Batman Movie Ben Affleck Should Make, then Part I Part II, and Part III of this 5 part series.

For part IV we tackle Two-Face’s story and for my movie I’ve chosen the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Dark Victory.  This story served as a sequel to The Long Halloween and Robin: Year One.  I chose this one because it gives us an origin story for Robin and Dick Grayson as well as expands on Harvey “Two-Face” Dent from Long Halloween and establishes him as Batman’s number two villain only behind the Joker.

In this story We’ll introduce a young Dick Grayson, Sofia Falcone, and introduce the Riddler.


Young Dick Grayson (1st Robin):  The Room was one of the highly praised movies of last year and young Jacob Tremblay was highly praised for his role as Jack.  Also it’s time to do something DC has never done before and cast a kid to play a live action Robin.  And Trembly seems to have the chops to pull off this role of a kid who has lost his parents and is thrown into the life of a reclusive billionaire.  Also it doesn’t hurt that he looks like a young version of our older Dick Grayson from Part III played by Richard Madden.

Sofia Falcone:  The heir to the Falcone Empire is a strong woman who commands a lot of respect from others in the crime world.  She looks for revenge on her murdered father and to keep Gotham under the control of her crime family.  For this role I chose Rachel Weisz for her strong will when acting, she’s held her own with Hollywood bigshots on screen not to mention action films like The Mummy.

The Riddler:  I’ve always enjoyed the Riddler being more Batman’s equal mentally and only a sometimes foe but someone Batman uses when he’s stumped, like Hannibal Lecter, but a little crazier, and not Jessie Eisenberg Lex Luthor crazy (we don’t need that again).  To pull off role I think Sam Rockwell would be perfect for this.  He can easily walk the line of crazy and intelligent without coming off as goofy like Jim Carey did in Batman Forever.

So that is Part IV, this one would be a shorter story since we’ve already been introduced to Two-Face in Catwoman’s tale and I’d only adapt part of Dark Victory here and mostly focus on Two-Face and Batman with just using this to introduce Robin and the Riddler for future movies.

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