Casting Call: Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Part III

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Welcome to Part III of our Ben Affleck Batman Movie Casting Call, where it all began with me writing about What Batman Movie Ben Affleck Should Make, then Part I and Part II of this 5 part series.

For Part III we’re going to tackle Bane’s tale, and that is Knightfall.  Knightfall, for those of you who don’t know was a story back in the 90’s where Bane breaks out all of Batman’s foes from Arkham.  Batman hunts all of them down and recaptures them and after all of it’s through Batman returns home to find Bane who did all of this to weaken him so he could break him.  During this saga Batman is joined by Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Robin (Tim Drake), and Azreal (Jean-Paul Valley). This story also uses pretty much every villain he’s ever faced, but given this is part of a larger four part story we’re going to focus on Bane, Croc (who was cast in Suicide Squad), Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy.  So here we go with Part III.

Robin a.k.a Tim Drake:  The third Robin Tim Drake got the mantle after Jason Todd’s death because he was able to figure out who Batman and Robin were.  He’s not as physically as gifted as Dick Grayson, but he’s one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe and have a great knowledge with computers.  Recently, like many of you, I binged on Netflix’s Stranger Things and I felt that lead Finn Wolfhand who played Mike would make a great Tim Drake, especially given that this movie wouldn’t film for at least a year so it would give him a little time to age into the role, but still make him young enough to play Robin for a bit in more Batman movies or even a Teen Titans movie, much like Tom Holland with Spider-Man.  After watching Stranger Things Finn showed he could play a nerdy kid (like Tim) who also can come into his own and be a leader, like Tim.

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Nightwing a.k.a Dick Grayson:  This one was tough, I was torn between two actors, both whom were co-stars in Game of Thrones and both who made their home in Winterfell.  It came down to Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark).  Both actors really came into their own during the series and it’s really hard to pick one, but, in the end I feel that Madden would pull of the role of Dick Grayson just slightly better than Harrington.  Madden as Robb has really shown a confidence of a reluctant heir much like Dick Grayson has gone through as Nightwing, especially  during the Knightfall and later on Prodigal Son and Battle for the Cowl story lines.

Azreal a.k.a Jean-Paul Valley:  To play the slightly unhinged blonde physical equal to Batman there is only one person to pick to play opposite Ben Affleck and that is his real life best friend Matt Damon.  With the Bourne movies Damon has shown how buff and physical he can be, and with The Talented Mr. Ripley we’ve seen an unhinged Damon.  He’d be perfect for this role in every way and it would be cool to see Damon play the Anti-Hero instead of the “good-guy” all the time.  He’s got the chops and experience for this role, plus everytime these two are on screen together it’s gold.

Scarecrow: Cillian Murphy was an awesome Scarecrow in Nolan’s Batman trilogy and honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back for this movie, however I find that highly unlikely so we are forced to recast the character.  Honestly it didn’t take me that long to figure this out because immediately Sharlto Copley jumped to mind.  He’s play a wide varitey of characters from and an unlikely hero in District 9, a robot in Chappie, a bad ass villain in Elysium and not to mention a joyful crazy ass solider in one of my guilty pleasures The A-Team, the man has range and I think would be a great successor to Murphy’s under-appreciated turn as Doctor Crane.  Also there is a great scene in Knightfall where Batman is hit with Crane’s fear toxin and flashes back to Jason Todd’s death, Copley would be great in this scene with Ben Affleck.

Poison Ivy:  Last but not least Poison Ivy.  The botanist Poison Ivy plays a pretty big role in this story (not to mention later on in Hush) and has only been on the screen once in the campy Batman & Robin and she deserves another chance on the big screen.  To play this role it takes an actress who can ooze sex appeal but also play a smart and cunning woman and for this I once again have to dip into the Game of Thrones well and pick Natalie Dormer who play Margery Tyrell, a very cunning and beautiful woman how was every bit the intellectual rival to Cersi Lannister in the show.  Dormer has the look of Ivy (minus the red hair) and with roles like Margery and in the Anne Boleyn in the Tudors it showed that she was able to to play a character that would use her sexuality and wit to get what she was after much like Poison Ivy.

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