Casting Call: Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Part II

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Last week I decided to lend DC and Warner Bros. a helping hand and gave them the perfect Batman Movie for the DCEU, if you’re a Batman fan I suggest you check it out.  However, I’m a nice guy and I’ll give you the basics.  Since DC wants to have a lot of Batman villains in it I felt instead of one giant movie, adapting the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode “Almost Got’im” where some of Batman’s greatest foes sit around and tell stories of how they almost killed the Batman.

In Part I of the Casting Call we found roles for our story tellers, Catwoman, Bane, and Two-Face, with Joker already being cast as Jared Leto.

Here in Part II we will cast Catwoman’s story, which we have decided should be an adaption of the graphic novel The Long Halloween, which is a spiritual sequel to Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.  Batman is still early in his career, Gordon isn’t the commissioner just yet and there is a hot shot new D.A. by the name of Harvey Dent and a mysterious serial killer dubbed The Holiday Killer since he only strikes on holidays.  The original graphic novel was written by Jeph Loeb and art by Tim Sale and is fantastic which I recommend you buy and read for yourself, but if not you can get the full summery here.

Other than our story teller Catwoman a.k.a Selena Kyle who we cast Morena Baccarin in part one, but we also have Harvey Dent (Ryan Gosling) who we also already cast, not to mention Batman (Ben Affleck) and Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons), but the characters from the graphic novel I’d like to see included are Calendar Man, Carmine Falcone, Solomon Grundy, Alberto Falcone, and Gilda Dent.

Now, before I go on, I just want to let you know in these character descriptions there will be spoilers so if you haven’t read the book yet I recommend you click the link above and buy the book, either via kindle or trade paperback. So with that said, let’s cast this movie.


Calendar Man:  To play the bald man who only commits crimes in association with special event on a calendar was Batman’s first suspect but then acts as Hannibal Lecter to Batman’s Clarice.  He’s calm and calculating and comes off very eerie. Like Batman you want to believe he’s the serial killer for this whole story and there is another bald character in popular fiction he reminds me of, Varys from Game of Thrones and Actor Conleth Hill.  Varys is a sly and cunning character much like Loeb’s re-imagining of Calendar Man, a very uneasy character who, even when he’s helping  you, you don’t trust him.

Carmine “The Roman” Falcone: Carmine Falcone appeared in Batman Begins and was a pretty decent side villains but you never get the scope of his power as a crime lord in that movie, you’re too focused on Bruce Wayne and Scarecrow in the first 3/4’s of the movie.  However, in The Long Halloween, The Roman is very much a focus, but since this story is a part of larger movie Falcone probably won’t get all the screen time that he might if this was it’s own film and because of that we’ll need an over the top actor who was made famous by playing one of fiction’s greatest Dons, and that is Robert De Niro.  De Niro is such a great actor I don’t feel the need the really have to defend this since his turn as Don Coleon in The Godfather Part II is just brilliant and earned him his first Oscar.  Also De Niro’s larger than life presence would allow for this role if it’s short to command our attention.

Solomon Grundy:  A mistake I feel David Ayer made with Suicide Squad was having Killer Croc done with practical make-up.  Croc, for the most part, has always been drawn as a large hulking monster and just didn’t come off that way in Suicide Squad.  For Grundy we’re not making that mistake, he’s going to be CGI, because Grundy is often drawn at over 9 feet tall and weighs almost 1000 pounds, and is also a zombie.  Grundy is going to be very unique on screen and two people came to mind when I was thinking of this character, one was the go to CGI, which were Doug Jones and Andy Serkis.  I went with Jones because I think with his experience in Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth I think he’d bring a better movement to Grundy than Serkis, plus Serkis is already a Marvel villain and probably has it in his contract that he can’t do it.


Alberto Falcone:  When I was reading The Long Halloween for the first time I always read the character Alberto Falcone as a very mousy character.  He was small and wanted to be taken serious by his father Carmine.  Alberto later takes the wrap for the Calendar Killer just to look like a big man in front of his father.  I thought about changing the character a bit and casting Dustin Hoffman in this role and changing Alberto to the Roman’s younger brother because Alberto reminds me of a young Hoffman from the likes of the Graduate mixed with Rain Man but I thought, “nah, let’s keep this close to the original, plus that plot line runs really close to The Godfather Part II” so who reminds me of a young Dustin Hoffman?  Well Jason Schwartzman that’s who.  His turn in Rushmore reminds me very much akin to Alberto, just trying to impress an older father figure, but then turns to defiance.

Gilda Dent:  Harvey’s wife who is the person who started the Holiday Killings in hopes of taking out a few of the top criminals in Gotham in order to lighten her husband’s load at work so he’d have time to start a family with her.  She comes off as a sweet everyday housewife but has a deep dark secret to her and this reminds me of Russian KGB Spy Elizabeth Jennings from FX’s The Americans and is brilliantly played by Keri Russel.  Russel is one moment sweet and the next she snaps some guy’s neck.  I think a lot of people still see Russel as Felicity but to those people I’d tell them to check out The Americans, It’s not only brilliant drama but shows Russel’s range as she’s playing characters within a character, and not just one or two, a single season can see her character Elizabeth playing 3 to 4 different women to get information out of people and she gets really dark sometimes.  I think she’d be brilliant in this role.

gilda dent


This is the end of Part II of our DCEU Batman: Casting Call, what do you think or our choices?  Let us know in the comments below.  And as always comeback for more nerdy news, check our our Facebook Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

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