Batman v Superman Kill it at The Box Office

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In spite of scathing reviews (and that might be a bit of an understatement) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made just over 170 million dollars at the US Box Office and 424 million dollars world wide.

Of course this has fans of the film singing a victory over the critics who trashed and their “so-called haters” are saying “of course the film made money, it’s Batman and Superman.”

Me, I can’t speak to either the fans or critics since I haven’t seen it yet.  I was planning on seeing it this past weekend but two friends of mine who absolutely love Man of Steel hated Batman v. Superman, so I felt I’d wait a few days for crowds to die down before I go see it.

wonder woman

So what does this all mean?  Well first it means that people were right, putting Batman and Superman in a movie together means the film will make a lot of money.  Does this mean the critics were wrong?  No it does not, just because a movie isn’t good doesn’t mean it won’t make a lot of money.  The Star Wars Prequels come to mind right off the bat.  Those movies were critic proof and made a lot of money, but by no means are they any good.

I think this film is somewhere in the middle.  DC fanboys are going to want this film to be good, shoot, just comic fans in general want this film to be good.  This is Batman and Superman on film for the first time together and pretty much everyone wants them to be good.  To call back to the Star Wars prequels I remember walking out of Episode I trying to convince myself how great it was.  In fact, in order to do that all I talked about was the lightsaber battle, which was the only highlight of the film.   So taking the critics word as gold isn’t the way, and trusting the fans isn’t always the way either.

You have to trust yourself, do the trailers excite you?  From what you read about the film does that excite you?  Do you just want to see Batman and Superman knock each other around on film (no matter how short that is)?  If you answered yes to at least two of these get out there and go see it.  If you answered yest to one of these, then maybe wait a bit, if you answered no to all three then this movie probably isn’t for you.

So the 170 million in the US and 424 million world wide is great, but the telling part will be what it does this weekend.  Drop offs are always telling.  The people who waited are they going to be scared away by the views, and what is the actual word of mouth.  Of course fans are saying they loved it, but what are casual folks saying?  And of course will the fans go back?  Which fans really did like the movie and want to go back and sit through a three hour film?

I’ll get to the film sooner or later and I’ll give you my actual thoughts on it, but before all of that, I assure you I’m a huge Batman and Superman fan and I want this movie to be good.

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  1. I am on the side of the movie was decent. I thought Ben Affleck nailed batman and of course my man Henry Cavill killed as Superman. The CGI could’ve been better for Doomsday but it didn’t take away from the fight scene. Wonder Woman stole the show when she showed up. I was entertained from beginning to end.
    Now while I had a whole review written up, this will have to do until I can get it from my laptop at home. Sorry Josh.

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