Bat-Fleck Goes To Arkham?

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Over at Batman on Film they are reporting on a rumor that the next Batman film (written, directed, and starred in by Ben Affleck) that this new solo Batman film will take place at Arkham Asylum and could possibly have a lot of Bat-villains in the film.

The story would reveal around Batman being locked up in Arkham and has to escape or die.  Affleck has said this would be an original story that may borrow from other Batman stories.  So, since this rumor says that this film with take place at Arkham, my guess would be it would borrow from Rocksteady’s “Arkham Asylum” game as well as Grant Morris’s graphic novel by the same name.

However, this is indeed a rumor and the movie is still in the script writing phase and a lot can change in that stage as well.  For the film I hope we get to see a villain or two we haven’t seen on film yet, and I hope it’s not too overstuffed.  I mean look at Batman v Superman.  We got a VS film (which used “v” to make it look like a legal battle for some reason), we got a Justice League origin movie, a Superman sequel, a Batman movie, Doomsday movie, and Death of Superman movie.  There was way too much in there.  I think if they would have cut out Doomsday and had more of a solid plot that had Lex making Superman look like a villain we would have had a more crisp film.  Anyways, my fear is WB will interfere too much with Affleck’s film.  I think Ben (like Nolan before him) can craft a great movie centered around Batman, but in the end the Studio has final say and if they tell Affleck they want a lot of villains in the film he might have his hands tied.

Hopefully Suicide Squad is the turning point for DC’s movie U but we’ll have to wait and see.

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