Daredevil vs Batman v Superman

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Netflix has announced the release date of season two of Daredevil and it’s March 25, 2016.  You might be saying to yourself, that date sounds familiar, and yes it should because that is the day Batman v Superman hits theaters.

In the end this is just a streaming network releasing a season of it’s surprisingly popular comic show on a Friday, which Netflix does, but a certain section of Fanboys are quite upset that Netflix and/or Marvel would do such a thing as to release Daredevil on the same day as Batman v Superman.  This of course has started a whole new round in the ridiculous Marvel vs DC debate (which I’ll break down the stupidity of this in a later article), but in the end it isn’t, but a brilliant move by Netflix, and here’s how;

Let’s say Netflix announced that Daredevil was going to be released a week before or after and a few of us would make note of it, but probably forget until the week of when websites, like this one, would remind  you that “OMG DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 PREMIERES FRIDAY!!!!” or something like that.  However, Netflix (and I assure you this was all Netflix and not Marvel) announcing that they’re releasing Daredevil on the same day that Bats v Supes hits theaters gets us talking about Daredevil and no matter how much you try, you’ll probably not going to forget Daredevil’s premiere.

Fanboys will debate this and get into heated internet arguments but in all honesty is Daredevil premiering on a streaming service stopping you from going to see Batman v Superman?  I mean if this was an ABC show and it was premiering on the 25th at 8PM that might create a problem for you, you know if you’re living in 2003 and don’t have a DVR but even then you could just record Daredevil.  All this does really is interrupt your binging on Daredevil for two and a half hours while you go see Bats.  It’s not really a problem here.

Me, what I’ll probably do is watch a few episodes of Daredevil that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (which may or may not conclude that season for me) and probably catch Batman v Superman later in the week to avoid the crowds (which I find myself doing more and more these days unless your film is called Star Wars).

So what do you think about Daredevil getting released on the same day as Batman v Superman, let us know in the comments below.

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