Captain America Not Hydra After All?

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Well not exactly.  Captain America, as of right now, is a Hydra agent, but not because he wants to be.  See and well comics y’all, Steve Rodgers ended up aging (because comics) and retired.  Then he was given his youth back by the cosmic cube (because comics), but it turns out that was all apart of The Red Skull’s plan who has been using the cube to manipulate Cap’s origin (again, because comics).

So I was right, this was a publicity stunt by Marvel to get all the free press, and boy did they get it.  So how will Cap get back to the status quo?  Well apparently this will be an all in for Marvel, and all of Cap’s friends are going to help in some way (this is probably how Civil War II ends), but also the Cube has now become self aware and turned into a little girl (because comics, sorry, they’re fucking weird) so maybe she’ll realize what Red Skull is doing is bad and fix everything.

So what do you thing dear reader?  Do you love Cap again, are you sorry you said all those mean things about Chris Evans?  Let us know in the comments below.

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