Captain America: Civil War Promo art Reveals Teams (Contains Spoilers)

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Ever since the reveal that Captain America 3 would follow the Civil War Storyline, Fans have debated and theorized what heroes would be on what side and what heroes would be introduced. Today CBM reported on the new promotional artwork released. The new artwork reveals the teams for the upcoming movie. Below are images of the teams, if you want to wait for the movie, stop reading now.


Team Ironman consists of War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Vision. Team America (F**K YEAH!… sorry) consist of Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Sharon Carter. Currently not pictured are Spider-Man, Bruce Banner, and Scarlet Witch. The news around the internet is that Spider-Man will start off on Stark’s side but then will switch to Cap’s side, much like in the original comic arc. We’ve also heard that Scarlet Witch will also be on Captain America’s team. What’s not know is Banner. There have been some rumors that Mark Ruffalo has been on set, but without any confirmation, its still a rumor.  Click here to see more images and a video from Mr.SundayMovies Discussing the teams.




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