Can Joss Whedon Save the DCEU?

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In my opinion, yes, BUT (and its a big but, I cannot lie). Yesterday it was reported that Zack Snyder Stepped down from the helm of Justice League, and Joss Whedon has been tapped to finish the film. Today, I expected the internet to be a buzz with wild speculation about this development. Instead (and understandably so) the internet has been a buzz with current events such as the terror attack in Manchester and the death of former James Bond Roger Moore. I wont get into to those headlines because I’m not the best person to write about such things, there are bigger news organizations that cover those things and frankly they’re better suited to cover those stories than I, But I digress.

By now i’m sure you’re familiar with Joss Whedon, so we don’t need to get into his or Snyder’s back story, but I feel the need to clarify some of the situation of Justice League, WB, Snyder and Whedon. As far as I know, Justice League had already started production. Given that the movie is slated for a November release, I believe that the movie is pretty close to starting post production if not started already. Whedon is said to be doing post and will take care of any pick up or reshoots that will be required. Outside of this movie and Batgirl, it is still unknown on whether Whedon will be taking on a larger role with the DCEU similar to the MCU. I’m sure this a conversation that is being had over at Warner Bros. as we speak.

Now for the buzz kill. Even if Whedon takes on a similar role with the DCEU as he had with Marvel, it’s not guaranteed that he’ll have the same kind of control or freedom. One of the biggest problems with the DC Movies is WB’s seeming lack of trust with its film makers. MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad, Those movie wreak with “studio meddling”. I get that sometimes studios want to be involved, and sometimes they have to get involved to reign filmmakers in. But when there’s constant infighting and power struggles, you don’t get a product like Guardians of the Galaxy, you get Green Lantern.

Honestly, you’d think WB would be a little more flexible seeing how things worked out with the Nolan Batman movies. we’ve had so many directors signed to the various stand alone movies drop out (**Cough**Ben Affleck **Cough**) that I couldn’t even tell you what is still on the slate for DC.

I guess we just have to wait and see how this will all shake out. I think that Joss Whedon would be what Warner Bros. would need to save the DCEU, but only if they allow Whedon the same freedom and control he was afforded with Marvel.

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