Battle Grounds: Star Wars vs Star Trek

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Happy day after Labor Day dear reader.  I hope you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed a nice last of summer BBQ.  Also I hope you were able to grab some cool swag on Force Friday, we did our first unboxing with what we got, click here for that, but in that vain we wanted a Star Wars themed Battle Grounds.  So with that in mind we bring you the age old question Star Wars vs Star Trek.

Nelson:  Oh goodness, as soon as you said that this age old debate was this week’s battle ground, I immediately assumed that I’d be Star Trek. Where do I begin? We’ll go with science. As great and fantastic Star Wars is, I have to go with the obvious reason Star Trek is superior is because all of its based in actual science. Star Wars is essentially magic. The force, and light sabers as entertaining as these are, these are just medieval/fantasy themes with a Sci-Fi twist. Star Trek also encompasses a large diversity of themes and stories that appeal to many different tastes, where Star Wars really just covers this “Hatfields and McCoys in space” feud.

Josh:  Star Wars is more than just Hatfields and McCoys in space, in fact I’m not even sure if you know what the Hatfields and McCoys is all about.  Star Wars is more like a fairy tale in space, it’s the classic hero’s journey.  It’s focused and has a story.  Star Trek just kind of points the the Enterprise off in a direction and says, meh we’ll come up with something.  Star Wars from the moment the opening you know where we’re going.  The cast is more focused as well.  We’re truly only following 3 real heroes along this journey.  Luke, Leia, and Han.  They’re the ones driving the story.  Star Trek is never sure who is pushing the story along.  Also Star Wars has pushed the boundaries of special effects with each movie.  George Lucas says I need this and ILM figures out how to get it done.  Star Trek up until the J.J. Abrams ones has had some of the worst special effects in Sci-Fi.

Nelson:  Ok, I’ll admit that I’m not an expert on the Hatfields and McCoys, but you did just describe Harry Potter in space. Now as far as the the special effects go, yes Star Wars had cutting edge special effects HOWEVER, Star Trek started in 1966 those were only going to be so good. TNG and on we’re on par with a thing else out from 1989 and on where as George “Money” Lucas kept messing with Star Wars, and thus the Special Edition was born, Greedo shoots his load faster, the creepy thing singing in the Cantina, new Jabba, and “NOOOOO” out of Vader, ALL ridiculous and sub-par effects and changes on movie FX budgets.

Josh:  You can’t say “well Star Trek started in 1966” that doesn’t matter the effects used in Star Wars hadn’t been invented until Star Wars invented them.  Trek didn’t push any boundaries when it came to television or film making.  Star Wars was and still is the best Sci- Fi Franchise ever.  Trek couldn’t even say that when it had a 11 year head start over Star Wars, the Outer Limits was way better than Trek.  Star Trek has always been a second fiddle.  Also you want to talk about “real” science?  Yes there is more probability in the tech in

Star Trek but most of it is just as fantastical as Star Wars.  First up hyper drive aka traveling faster than the speed of light that is impossible, not improbable, but impossible.  Also the transporter, where that is theoretically possible, it doesn’t work the way Trek would like you to think.  The transporter basically destroys what it.  It transporting and then rebuilds it.  So you would die and it would clone you.  Not to mention Trek is so god damn preachy, fuck I want to enjoy my Sci Fi, not get a sociological lesson with it.  Star Wars has a nice good vs evil story, where trek is all like “well they’re bad but not really bad, kind of misunderstood, and well if Kirk doesn’t punch them then Prof. X will play the flute and have tea with them.  Fuck that mess, Mace Windu is about to wreak some shit.

Nelson:  You’re right, Star Wars is very cut and dry, good Vs evil story which is all well and good but not everyone wants it that simple, there are many layers to Star Trek where it has become one of the longest running sci fi properties behind only Doctor Who and spawning several movies, TV shows, books and games.

Granted Star Wars also had comics, books, and games as well but depending on the the era, these may or may not be canon thanks to George Lucas (then later Disney). The truth is Star Wars is usually under tight control creatively which is a double edged sword. Some really cool things that have been done in the past are no longer canon under Disney and the new things outside of the comics are still in proven. For all we know Kylo Ren is the new Jar-Jar Binks.

Josh:  To say Kylo Ren is the next Jar Jar is a stretch.  Am I saying this unseen movie will be great?  No, but even in the shitty phantom menace Darth Maul was still the shit, and I think Ren will be even more Ruthless.  And the thing about a lot of stories not being cannon anymore is actually a good thing.  It doesn’t hamper Disney and Lucas Arts in the movies they want to make going forward also it allows anyone to jump on board because all they need to know is the 6 movies, and really they only need to know are the original trilogy since A New Hope sums but the prequels better than the 7 hours of prequels did.  Lucas didn’t mind all those novels because after the mid-80s he knew he’d never make a movie taking place after Jedi, well Disney has it now and they want to make new movies and they don’t want to be hampered by someone else’s work.  Also, Disney owns Marvel who is working on the Star Wars comics and you know what that means will all the “Legacy” stuff now right?  MULTIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!  So where it’s not cannon doesn’t mean it’s off limits and Marvel and Disney can have fun with it.

And one last thing, just like me, you got caught up in Force Friday (like the rest of the country) and that is something Star Trek will never be able to do.  Yes Trek has it’s die-hard fans, but it will never push the masses to buy it up like Star Wars has.  Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon and probably is only matched by Beatlemania.

So there you have it loyal reader, our arguments for the better Sci-Fi franchise.  Who do you think won, and which franchise do you think is better?  Please share your comments with us below.

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