Batman v Superman Trailer Recap

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Usually when these big tent pole trailers come out we here at the Clash like to break them down for you and try to uncover little clues sprinkled throughout the trailer to look at the overall plot of the movie and cool things you might have missed.

Well today with the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice I don’t have to do that because after watching that trailer I really feel like I’ve seen the entire movie condensed down to three minutes.  I could be wrong, and I don’t doubt that there will be more in this movie to surprise us, but I do feel they just basically summed the movie up for us.

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet, they have a difference of opinion, Lex Luthor somehow convinces them to fight each other in order to rid the world of one or both of them, when that doesn’t work he unleashed his own creation on them (more on that in a bit) and Wonder Woman shows up as back-up and cut, to be continued in the Justice League movie, or the beat the monster and become friends.

That was the trailer and for the most part I feel that’s going to be the movie.

Now, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Man of Steel.  I felt it was a decent super hero movie, but a pretty shitty Superman movie.  As a Superman fan I felt the movie missed the mark on the mythos and the character.

With that said, I have hope for Batman v. Superman, I want it to be good, but because of Man of Steel I have cautious optimism for it.  The first trailer we got was pretty cool, and the 50 second teaser from the other night intrigued me so my hopes for this movie have risen.

But then we got the trailer last night on Jimmy Kimmel and in all honesty I was under whelmed.  Like I said above I felt like I just got the whole movie in an Honest Trailer format without the cool voice guy.

To prove I’m not a “hater” on this movie (I actually save my hate writing for another website) I’ll start with what I liked about the trailer.  The Bruce and Clark verbal sparing was pretty nice, the action looks great, and Wonder Woman!

What I didn’t like though was, as I mentioned, it felt like a mini movie and I hate it when trailers do this.  It makes me less excited for the movie because I feel I’ve seen it already.  One thing I love about the Star Wars trailer was they gave us a lot of cool stuff but I still feel like I don’t know what’s going on and that I don’t feel I’ve seen too much.  Same with Captain America: Civil War, I got a good sense of the film but don’t truly know what’s going on and have no idea what the villains’ (who weren’t even shown) motivations are.

This isn’t true with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I feel we got the majority of the movie’s plot here and quite possibly seen the ending scene.

I didn’t like the casting of Jessie Eisenberg as Lex in this film and him coming up to Clark and Bruce in that trailer felt so goofy and it reminded me of Jim Carrey’s Riddler.  He’s not menacing like the Lex from the comics and lacks the charm that Kevin Spacey and Gene Hackman brought to the character.

Also Doomsday is here and appears to be either a clone of Zod or Zod brought back to life.  Granted I know WB has wanted to bring Doomsday into a Superman film but here is my problem with Doomsday being in the movie, and how WB continues to miss the mark on the Superman character.

For those of you who don’t know.  In the comic series Death of Superman we were introduced to a character named Doomsday, an alien who’s prison ship crashed on Earth and he escapes.  In the end of the comic Superman confronts him and they punch each other to death.  All of the world and it’s heroes grieve for the loss of Superman.

Here’s the problem with Doomsday in this film, one he’s not going to kill Superman, two, even if he did this Superman isn’t as beloved by the entire world as the Superman from the comic who dies, so if he dies in this movie it won’t have the same effect.

So we’re just wasting Doomsday, much like Bane was wasted in Batman and Robin.

I’m not going to bitch too much about Doomsday’s look other than he looks a lot like the cave troll from Lord of the Rings.  Also to piggy back on the goofy Jessie Eisenberg as Lex, his line in the trailer “if man can’t destroy god, then maybe a devil can” right before we seen Doomsday is cheesy and too right on the nose.  I literally did a full body shiver with it.

And speaking of dumb lines, when we finally get to see Wonder Woman in the trailer it’s ruined with a back and forth between Superman and Batman, Superman, “She with you?”  Batman, “I thought she was with you.”  What the fuck was that?  To me that joke was thrown in there because someone at Warner Bros. was like, “hey, Marvel is doing well with their quipy one-liners, we should have Superman and Batman banter like Tony Stark and Captain America.”

Overall this trailer was just okay.  It’s not terrible, but it didn’t really get me excited for the movie.  With that said I’m not going to condemn a movie based on a so-so trailer.  We’ll probably get one more before the film comes out and even then we still won’t know how good the movie is until it is released.  I’m still cautiously optimistic for this, but after seen this trailer and the Captain America: Civil War trailer, I can see why Warner Bros. is the one who flinched and moved Batman v. Superman off the May 6, 2016 date and not Marvel.

So what did you think of the trailer?  Let us know in the comments below.

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