Batman v Superman Trailer ReCap

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Outside of the opening and closing of this trailer there wasn’t a ton of new things to be had, but what was new was pretty cool and got me more excited for this movie than previous trailers had.

The opening with the Batwing we had seen before but the trailer elaborates more on that scene as Alfred is remote piloting it and is dropping Batman off to take down some thugs.  The fight scene is reminiscent of Batman begins, very gritty and very brutal.

After that we’re back at the cave and after Bruce says he’s getting slow in his old age, Alfred quips “Even you got too old to die young… Not without trying of course.”

We get a little more of the Lex and Lois scene and I still don’t like Jessie Eisenberg as Lex.

Batman tries crashing the Batmobile into Superman and Supes merely deflects it without flinching.

We then cut to Bruce hitting on Dianna and then seeing Wonder Woman charging off into battle against Doomsday.  More and more I’m feeling better about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

We then get more of Batman and Superman squaring off.  Superman pushing Batman and he goes flying, but maybe my favorite shot is Superman throwing a punch and Batman (in his super suit) blocking it.  The look on Superman’s face is awesome.

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