Agents, Evos and Everything Between

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This image was the opening titles for the television series.

Contains potential spoilers! you’ve been warned

Good Afternoon true believers! It’s time once again to recap Heroes Reborn, Agents of SHIELD, AND premiered this week was Supergirl. Let’s get started shall we?

Heroes Reborn ep 6: Game Over

The logo for the American television series Heroes Reborn aired on NBC Author or copyright owner NBCUniversal Source (WP:NFCC#4) Screenshot taken from episode 4.

I didn’t think that this would happen. All of the various stories are all getting better. The characters are all starting to cross over and FINALLY we get some of the original cast starting to show up with Hiro being freed. I’m a little bummed that Miko’s story has ended. Her character had an interesting power in which she could enter the video game world that is attached to the “real world” of Heroes using Hiro’s sword. I liked how they kept referring to Hiro as “Master of Time and Space” it was very “Doctor Who” of them (I wish I could see a crossover with the 11th and Hiro). I was not a fan of Miko having to sacrifice herself to free Hiro but I get that it was inevitable and it didn’t take away from the scene itself which was fantastic.

Though he did not seem to be featured as much in this episode, the Story with Zachary Levi’s Character, Luke, has gotten much better (probably because his psycho wife is gone). I will say Zach Levi had a great performance this episode. the view could really feel the pain and anguish Luke was experiencing. Even though the meeting between Luke and Malina was a little on the cliché side, It fit the story well enough to where it didn’t bother me. I can’t wait for them to cross paths with Tommy again.

Speaking of Tommy, I just realized why I dig his story so much. His story has a very Spider-man feel to it, where he’s an outcast trying to fit in like any high school kid tries to do. This episode he finds out that he’s destined to help save the world. As of writing the new episode has not aired yet so we don’t know how he fits in exactly but we do know that his involvement is connected to Malina (who’s power I cannot figure out). Most of Tommy’s story this episode was centered around him running away to clear his head. What better way than to scoop up your best friend (whom you have a crush on ) and take her to Paris. There they get in to a little trouble at the Efile Tower then she convinces him “With great power, comes great Responsibility” and all that jazz. They even threw in a call back to season one of Heroes (which was a nice touch).

Carlos’s story was kinda forgettable in this episode which was a shame since his arch was one of the standouts for me in this miniseries. Carlos Tracks down the Detective that captured his nephew and priest friend, only to find out he was an Evo Selling out his own kind. Bunch of random stuff happens and then the detective gets outed as an Evo. Carlos saves him to find his nephew and friend but ends up getting double crossed. Like I said, very forgettable compared to the rest of the episode.

Agents of SHIELD ep 5: 4,722 Hours

This show really drives me crazy at times. As a whole, it’s just not as good as the rest of the MCU, mainly because the writing seems to have no real direction until we get close to new marvel movie. And I Know what your thinking, isn’t the show runner Joss Weadon? and you’d be wrong. Joss’s brother and his wife run the show (into the ground) I Like the characters but seriously a lot of the episodes are just padding until Civil War and they are trying to do a slow build to the Inhumans (and that one is starting to get annoying) with that said, This past Tuesday’s episode was actually one of the best episodes they have done in a long time.

The Episode was about Simmons time on the alien world right after the season finale last year. Last week I immediately let out a loud groan and rolled my eyes. I did NOT want to see a whole episode dedicated to Simmons. Simmons direction this season has just been annoying, but the episode was done so well that I can actually forgive Simmons a little for being a bit of a “Crazy Bitch” and now we know why she’s been that way. The episode starts off with the ending moments of the season 2 finale and Simmons landing on this alien world. we get a few of the typical vignettes; fish out of water lands, explores surroundings, begins to adapt, that sort of thing. all the while there is a counter in the lower left corner that appears occasionally to let the viewer know how much time passes or her.

Eventually, Simmons crosses paths with another human trapped there. An astronaut named Will. We get his back story, the jist is that he and a team were sent by NASA through the portal in 2001 to explore for a year but there is an “evil” inhabiting the planet that caused his teammates to go insane and kill themselves. After their initial run in with each other, they decide to work together to find a way back home. Several months pass and they figure out that on their end the portal is activated by lunar alignment and where the portal will be. they devise a plan but being that the planet is according to Will “Evil” they are thwarted. distraught at the failure Simmons ends up falling for Will (sorry Fitz, should have worked faster) the events leading to Fitz saving Simmons was probably the highlight of the of the episode so I won’t spoil that if you haven’t seen it yet.

Supergirl ep1: Pilot

This image was the opening titles for the television series.
This image was the opening titles for the television series.

Ok, I will start off saying that I am a fan of the character of Supergirl but I was never a regular reader of her comic. In fact I know about the bare minimum of her back story so I am not the right person to tell the average viewer whether or not the show is accurate. I know what a saw fairly accurate to a point but as far as her foster family and her “SHIELD Agent” sister are canon.

As far as a first episode is concerned, Supergirl was OK. You could tell that the writers weren’t sure if the show was gonna get picked up and tried to cram as much as possible into 45 minutes. Some of the decisions in writing and character directions were odd and In my opinion the first episode suffered from this but I will give them a pass because the first episode of anything is bound to be a bit rough, but hopefully the writing gets better because I did enjoy the show.

I wasn’t sure who Melissa Benoist was before she got the title role and that first promo shot in costume, I was not impressed at all. But after seeing her in action, I think that she is perfect in the role. unfortunately for her, the dialog was not on the same level as her acting ability. She was great in spite of the dialog being cheesy at times.

Aside from Benoist, everyone else was ok. Calista Flockheart’s character was odd as she seemed to be a cross between Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada and J.K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. I found her to be too aggressive. if her goal was to be a raging bitch, she was still too aggressive.



And then there’s Jimmy Olsen… Oh Im sorry, James Olsen. I’m sorry but what is the point of calling him Jimmy Olsen IF you are not going to make him Jimmy Olsen? I recognized Mehcad Brooks from True Blood as Tara’s boyfriend in season 2 or 3. If you watched True Blood, He was the only thing that made her semi likable because, nobody liked Tara. Anyway if Mehcad Brooks was ANYONE ELSE id be fine with his performance but since he’s supposed to be Jimmy Olsen, He plays him WAY TOO COOL! As an actor myself, I’m not a huge fan of just taking a character and changing his ethnicity, gender, or orientation just to pander to bleeding heart liberals. I think that it would be much more beneficial to everyone If you just make a new character and build them up. But IF you insist on changing the character, at the very least stay true to the character’s spirit. if they really insist on making Jimmy Black, they should have cast a Donald Glover type. Mehcad Brooks looks like he could be Earth 2 Superman (that’s black Superman for those who don’t know).

Which brings me to my next point. I don’t know what the deal is with this show but they will not and do not EVER refer to Superman by name. Given the amount of times they’ve referred to him as “Him”, I want to punch their lead writer in the throat. It is Ridiculous how many times they referred to Superman and not called him that. which is funny because technically he did make a cameo and I’m not talking about the dumb silhouette of Sups. Dean Cain plays Kara’s adopted Earth Dad. No lines, just face (and probably got paid way more than me doing the same thing on HoC).

Lastly the tone of Supergirl I found to be a bit odd. I’m not sure what they’re going for because it looks like a weird hybrid of Man of Steel and Superman Returns. They also cracked a lot of jokes. Maybe this is just the direction for the movies, but I thought DC was cutting out all of the humor in their stuff. Overall, the show was OK with some potential. I’m hoping it gets better because I do want to like the show.

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