Affleck getting 3-picture deal?

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Now this news is unconfirmed and should be taken as rumor. Apparently a private screening for executives was Warner Bros. within the last 24 hours for an almost finished/not final cut of Batman v. Superman. According to reports the screening went so well that it was met with a standing ovation and one exec said that Affleck performance was the “definitive Batman” so much so that Warner is seemingly making moves to make Ben Affleck’s Batman a cornerstone of their DC Cinematic Universe and is trying to lock Affleck for a 3-Picture solo batman movie deal.  
Now I’ve been pretty vocal in the past about my dislike of Man Of Steel and the overall direction of the “DCCU” but I do find this news interesting if true. With all of the early news about the project, Ben Affleck was never something that bothered me. Saying that his Batman is the definitive is a bold statement, are these execs just patting themselves on the back prematurely? Or is there something to what’s being said? Who knows? I’ll reserve judgement but I still won’t spend money to see this film. But what do you guys think?

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