2017 March Madness “Super” Eliminator Super Heroes vs Super Stars

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Welcome to March Madness everyone!  We here at the Clash along with our sister site Going For 2 are doing a special bracket challenge.  In this we are pitting some of your favorite comic book and video game characters up against NBA and NFL stars in a bracket style challenge to determine just who is the best of the best. First up for us is our top 8 Comic Book Characters of All-Time.

Batman (Detective Comics #27, 1939)

Seriously, if you don’t know who Batman is there is absolutely no hope for you and why are you even here?  He’s The God Damn Fucking Batman!



Superman (Action Comics #1, 1938)

The last son of Krypton, Superman might be the most well-known comic character of all-time, having appeared in every form of media imaginable and on the tattooed arms of many athletes because let’s face it, jock are dumb and unoriginal.  Originally standing for truth, justice, and the American Way, has been shorten to Truth and Justice because DC Comics hates America I guess.  Anyways, his comics have always been bland, his original movie was a masterpiece for it’s time and since then the movies have gotten progressively worse with Batman v Superman being an absolute travesty of film and should be buried in a dessert.

Deadpool (New Mutants #98, 1991)

The “newest” character on this list, in fact many of you probably think he was created in the last five or so years, but nope, he’s almost 30 years old.  Starting out as just a one-off badass looking ninja Deadpool would not be denied his spot in comic history.  It wasn’t until 1997 that writer Joe Kelly took this abandoned character and turned him into an action comedy and that’s when good old Wade Wilson found his footing.  An Anti-Hero who was the star of an anti-comic that didn’t take itself seriously and constantly broke the forth wall and has given us such memorable character as Dracula Cow and um… Dracula Cow.  He constantly teams up  with Avengers and X-Men teams but neither will ever let him join.  Fox tried to destroy the character with his portrayal in X-Men Origins Wolverine, but much like in the comics he over came that with brutal violence and comedy and perfectly portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.  One has to think do we live in the real world or do we live in Wade’s?  I don’t know but this character is comedy gold and has the highest grossing R-Rated movie ever and it out grossed the aforementioned Batman v Superman which is fucking mind boggling and proves just what a pile of shit that movie was that had the two most recognizable characters ever and was out-grossed by an R-Rated Ryan Reynolds’s movie.

Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181, 1974)

He’s the best at what he does and what he does isn’t pretty.  Wolverine is probably the most versatile character on this list.  He does whatever Marvel needs him to do, he can be a ruthless killer, caring teacher, mentor, best friend, creeper, or just a dude.  He has so many comics and appears in so many more if you try to think of the continuity you’re brain will explode.  Wolverine was established as almost a throw away character for the Hulk to fight, but John Bryne, who is Canadian like Wolverine, didn’t want to let the character go so he added him to the X-Men where the character continued to evolve.  Originally his claws were supposed to be just in his gloves, then they were supposed to have been added by Weapon X, but we found out that not only were the claws in him, but they were also originally bone.  There was for the longest time mystery surrounding Wolverine but in 2002 Marvel published “Origins” which would tell us about Wolverine’s origins and we come to find out he’s nearly 200 years old, and fought in almost every American war.  Also for the last 17 years he’s been portrayed by Hugh Jackman in various X-Men and Wolverine movies, no matter how good or bad the film Jackman has always been great in the role, so great that we the fans haven’t minded that he was a foot taller than the character.  Currently in the comics the 616 Wolverine is dead but his legacy carries on with X-23 (his clone) and Old Man Logan, a Logan from an alternative reality, because comics y’all.

Spider-Man (Amazing Fantasy #15, 1962)

Since the 60’s Spider-Man probably has been the most recognizable Marvel character and most popular among kids.  One of the reasons why Spider-Man has had such an affect on kids is because when he started (and the movies have gone back to) he was a kid.  A high-schooler who was bit by a radio active spider and given super powers, this is every kid’s fantasy and instead of being rich and handsome like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, or you know just being Superman, Spidey, aka Peter Parker had to deal with things kids deal with, tests, adults, having a crush on a girl, and being picked on, these are all things every kid could relate to and this is why the character has done so well over time and no matter how bad a comic arch, game, or movie has been the character has always bounced back and people have always been excited for his next adventure, especially with his first solo film done by Marvel coming out this year his popularity will once again be on the rise and this time next year will probably be to most popular character on this list.

Wonder Woman (All-Star Comics #8, 1941)

The first real female super hero, Wonder Woman has struck a nerve with girls and women, not just female comic fans mind you, go to any gym and you’ll see women wearing Wonder Woman gear and I guarantee they don’t all read comics.  A very positive role model for girls she has proven time and time again that she can kick butt in a male dominated world and with her movie coming out this summer the future is looking bright, well as long as Warner Bros doesn’t fuck this up like they’ve done with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad.

Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #38, 1963)

If you would have told me ten years ago that Iron Man would be one of the top 8 super heroes I would have told you that you were insane, but then the 2008 Iron Man movie came out with Robert Downey Jr and all of a sudden Iron Man was cool.  Seriously, he hasn’t been this cool since Ozzy Osborn sang about him in the Black Sabbath hit Iron Man.  My son, who was born in 2008 has been the biggest Iron Man fan there is, in fact he would watch the old Fox Cartoon and just eat up anything Iron Man.  And since 2008 Iron Man has been killing it with his own movies, Avengers, and being in Captain America Civil War as both the protagonist and antagonist, which is hard to be.  In the comics he’s done the same thing in the comics.  He’s been Iron Man, he’s been the head of S.H.I.E.L.D and since his movie he’s been one of Marvel’s focal point in the comics.

The Flash (The Flash #1, 1940)

The Flash has been a mantle taken up by many men, Jay Garrick (1940–1951, 1961–present), forensic scientist Barry Allen (1956–1985, 2008–present), Barry’s nephew Wally West (1986–2011, 2016–present), and Barry’s grandson Bart Allen (2006–2007).  The most popular of these men has probably been Barry, as he was the Silver Age Era through to the end of the Bronze Age Era as he sacrificed himself to save everyone running faster than the speed of light and denigrating leaving only his costume behind during DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.  A fun side story to that, technically that Barry Allen is in the Marvel Universe  (Click here to read about that), also I said “that Barry Allen” because DC rebooted their universe a few years ago so there was a new not dead Barry Allen, because once again, comics.  Also the CW’s The Flash has been a huge hit among young comic fans (once again my son included) with it’s fun stories, monster of the week, as well as over arching plots, not to mention his appearance in the Justice League Movie this year.  The Flash has always been a fun, snarky character that has always been the fun side of the DC Universe, much like Spider-Man is for Marvel.

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