2 Captain Americas?

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Last night on an ABC Special marking Captain America’s 75th Anniversary Marvel announced, to no one’s surprise, that Steve Rodgers would once again dawn the Captain America costume.

So what does that mean for Sam Wilson, the current Cap and former Falcon?  Well according to Marvel he’ll still be Captain America.  So like the whole Thor and Jane Foster Thor, as well as Peter Parker Spider-Man and Miles Morales Spider-Man, we’ll have two Captain Americas now, I think we also have two Wolverines now with Old Man Logan and X-23 being Wolverine (and who knows when the OG Wolvie is coming back).  Seriously Marvel, what the hell is this?  Your heroes aren’t the Green Lantern Corps.   You don’t see two Batmen (I think they did away with the dumb Batman Incorporated) or two Supermen, or two Wonder Women.  At least when Ms. Marvel became Captain Marvel and was replaced with a younger character they had separate names.

I think it creates brand confusion not only between the comics, but the movies as well, which is probably why we’re getting Steve back as Cap before Civil War hits theaters (Thor will probably get Miljnor back from Jane before Ragnorok’s release next year).

I’m not sure I’m a big fan of the redesigned suite and shield.  The suite might grow on me but that shield won’t.  Okay, he gave Sam his shield as a gesture, why can’t Steve also have the round shield?

So what do you think about Rodgers getting the mantle he’s known for back?  And what do you think about Marvel going for two of all popular heroes, one classic, and one seemingly being a minority?  Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Unfortunately I think the multiples of superheroes is the current trend in comics today, because there ARE 2 Batmen (Bruce as a new god and Jim Gordon) and 2 Supermen (Post crisis/pre-new 52 returned after Convergence and the ‘New 52″ Superman is the depowered one) not to mention the “Lobo BS” with the Metro-sexual version.

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