Winds of Winter Won’t Release Before Season 6

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A Song of Ice and Fire fans got some sobering news yesterday when author George R.R. Martin announced that he would not finish Winds of Winter before season 6 of Game of Thrones airs on HBO this spring.

Many fans cried out with anguish over this announcement, me, I wasn’t really surprised.  For a few weeks now people with knowledge on Martin have reported to various sites that he wasn’t very far along in writing the Winds of Winter and seeing the book in 2016 would take a miracle.

As a writer I know the painstaking measures it takes to write an entire novel, let a lone a series that spans thousands of pages.  The number of drafts you go through and the reading and rereading of the same thing you wrote many months before becomes tiresome, so for that I can’t fault Martin too much.  However, where I can fault him is making promises on the release of the book and constantly missing them.  Maybe don’t make such lofty goals for yourself Martin.

Couple that with the show surpassing the books Martin might not have the same urgency to tell the story that is being told already.  Sure there are subplots and characters from the books that have yet (or will not make it) into the show, but Martin isn’t getting any younger and though he’s been known to many of us for years because of the books, it’s just recently he’s gained mainstream fame and is enjoying it.  I can’t say I fault him.  Writing doesn’t pay very well until you’ve hit on a couple of best sellers so I say let Martin enjoy this fame and fortune, whether he finishes the books or not doesn’t matter in the end since we have the show, and even if he does pass away before he finishes the books I am certain, like with Robert Jordan, someone will finish the books so all of those subplots and characters not touched on in the show will get their closure.

For me this very well could spell the end for the books for me, at least in the immediate future (if the books are released in the immediate future) because most of the big twists will be spoiled.  It’s one thing to read them first in the books and then you get excited to see it in live action, but when it’s reversed it loses something.

How about you, are you fed up with the constant delays in the Song of Ice and Fire series or are you still awaiting the next book with bated breath?  Let us know in the comments below.

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