The Man Child: Baltimore Comic Con Edition

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Good Morning Kids! It’s Monday and unfortunately I can’t do anything about that, but hopefully like me, you had a great weekend at a Comic Con. I saw there were a few out there this past weekend. Josh and I had the opportunity to go to an old favorite of ours the Baltimore ComicCon.

The tears of young girls sustain him
The tears of young girls sustain him

This was Josh’s second Con cosplaying (technically mine as well) and of course Josh Played to his strengths and went as Thor. This time I too played to my physical attributes andIMG_7665 cosplayed as my favorite DBZ punching bag/Anime look-a-like Krillin.



We always have fun at the B-more ComicCon, but this year we discovered that the convention itself has grown. This year the Con was in the largest hall at the Baltimore Convention Center plus various panels many could view. But for myself and Josh, the show floor is where it’s at. Josh of course being Thor garnered a lot of attention since he bares a resemblance to actor Chris Hemsworth. And much like Wizard World Richmond, he was quite popular.

This Con for me was a different experience cosplaying than last. As much as I love my Green Ranger costume, Wizard World had at least 5 Green Rangers and my costume was “Mid-Range” AND Jason David Frank Himself was there. Krillin on the other hand as a cosplay costume is VERY RARE. I’ve seen personally only 3 other Krillins ever, and I was the only one at this convention. on top of that My costume, though was made of humble pieces, came together perfectly. On top of the fact that I do rock the same hair style and happen to be asian, the stars aligned for me on this costume. I may not have attracted nearly as much attention as the Odinson (with his son, mini starlord) but together, I think we turned a few heads. We met some great new friends Like Pamela Ptak of “Project Runway” fame (If you’re interested in cosplay, be sure to check out her site ARTS and FASHION institute) and now we got “A Guy” for Rare and hard to find DVDs (Check him out here). On top of meeting new friends, Krillin dying jokes, and Josh as Chris Hemsworth making young girls almost cry, we DID grab some Choice finds that I’ll be sharing with you today.



First up my crown Jewel, THE ORIGINAL DRAGONZORD TOY! I almost lost my sh*t when I saw this (good thing I can keep my composure pretty well) I had always wanted this item. as a kid I could never find it, and it was always just a pipe dream. The downside to this find was I did settle a little bit. It was out of the box (not that it mattered to me in the box), missing its drill tail portion, and visible wear and tear. I missed out on buying for just $10 more the new inbox 2013 Legacy Dragonzord. I still regret not listening to Josh. I also had the opportunity to pick up the original Tigerzord and Legacy Tigerzord, but sometimes I do have to be an adult and not spend all my money on toys. but in spite of all of this, I’m diggin this guy. He still lights up, and now I kinda want the megazord so I can make the mega-dragonzord, and now I wonder if he fits with the newer legacy models (probably not) but he goes great with my original Green Ranger figure, Legacy Dragon Dagger, and Legacy Morpher (with bootleg Dragon Coin) I think my Green Ranger Collection is near complete.


20150928_003120233_iOSNext up, 1989 Batman Movie figure with grappling hook belt. I originally got this figure for my 8th birthday, and was immediately my favorite toy at the time. But it was not meant to last. My birthday is a summer birthday, and that year I was in summer school. I brought the figure to summer school, like many other kids I played with there. After school, I went to and after school daycare type thing where a bunch of us still at the school were watched and played and did activities and such. So one of the kids I played with want to play with my batman and I let him. The next day I let him play with the figure, he broke it, and threw the piece in various spots. But never the less after many years, I come across this blast from the past in a bin of loos figures for $4. Sure it’s got some wear and tear, and sure its missing its cape, and yes according to a quick eBay Search I could have found one inbox from $12-$30, but that’s not the point of this one. it’s got character. it’s pretty much in the condition mine would have been. it was nostalgia for me. I’ll just assume the 11th Doctor planted that in the bin I found it in.


20150928_003322057_iOSSomething I’ve noticed from the last few conventions I’ve attended is the rise in popularity of Lego Minifigure, there have been a rise in booths specializing in custom minifigures. you might wonder how I know that these are custom and not official Lego toys? Well, Once upon a time, I worked at the Lego Store. Even though that was back in 2007-2008, I know how to spot custom figs and I still know to some degree about what licensed properties Lego does, and what the other companies do. I always take a look at these tables because you can always find some really cool figures that Lego Just doesn’t make, or others just make better. this weekend I picked up an Age of Ultron Captain America, Red Skull, Brown and Gold Wolverine, Superboy & Superboy in white suit (pre-new 52), White Lantern Flash with some sort of evil Flash I’m unfamiliar with, and Rick from the Walking Dead with a Zombie (but he’s still not the glue police). In spite of these not being official lego products, the attention to detail and quality are fantastic. As a kid, I always enjoyed the figures the most and you could always build the world around them using the rest of the sets. It such a simple concept that works so well to the point that people can become Lego Master Builders for a living (*note: That is a real job, and that field is mostly retired engineers and architects).

20150928_003507430_iOSNow Toys weren’t the only things that I got out of the convention. I picked up two really cool prints from Artist Alley, One of the original Scarlet Spider and one of Spider-Gwen as well as a really cool poster advertising a different convention but is also a really cool Spider-Gwen Piece. I was also able to find an ok copy of Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection “F” (still gonna get the blu-ray when it drops) Also acquired at the convention were the issues I was missing for the Spider-Man “Spider-Verse” story Arch.

20150928_003220217_iOS     20150928_003128580_iOS


The “Coup de Grace” that I HAD to special order because they sold out very quickly was a really cool pocket watch. Now I know you’re thinking, A Pocket watch? I can go to a jewelry store a get a pocket watch. Why would you get a pocket watch at a comic convention? well, shut your face for a moment and I’ll tell you. This was no ordinary pocket watch, no, no, no. and for the record you can get almost anything at Cons, how do you think I got my reverse-blade Katana “Sakabato”? Hint, it wasn’t because I need to atone for all the killing I did in Edo Era Japan. This Pocket watch was a replica of the Master’s pocket watch from Doctor Who (during the 10th Doctor’s time) I wish I had a picture but we’re just gonna have to wait when that comes in.

Overall, it was a great time had by all. I got to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the first time and we were popular at the restaurant as well (BUT not even the Thunder God could get us free food, lol) and we all woke up sore as hell but still went to the gym (Thor takes no days off and Krillin has to train to not die) and I know I’m always looking forward to the next convention. I know our friend Tyler Richardson gets to go to NY ComicCon, so maybe we can find out how that goes for him. Cheers!

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