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Hello again kids!

It’s the end of another week, and this weekend is a long weekend! so this week I will give some choice picks to fill in the gaps between your BBQs and Beach outings or they could be the main attraction. So let’s start this Labor Day Weekend with a bang shall we?


My first pick is another one of my favorites as well as an anime classic, Ninja Scroll. One of the first animes I’d ever seen, this gem can be seen on Hulu right now. Check out Editorial Review from Amazon:

Swords shatter, blood sprays and demons suck the life out of dying men as the wildest samurai adventure ever made is unleashed to tear your senses asunder! Jubei Kibagami has always been the master dealer of death, but in rescuing a ninja woman from a monster he sets loose a chain of events that puts death in his own veins and sends them on a nightmarish odyssey through a surreal and devil infested ancient Japan. How do demonic possessions, an annihilated village and a man Jubei thought safely buried in his past all connect? If Jubei can’t piece the blood-soaked clues together, his only consolation will be that he won’t live to regret it for very long! Prepare your mind and steel your gut for the insanely gore-packed orgy of violence that still stands alone and unchallenged as the ultimate anime action feature: the epic milestone in animation that is the legendary NINJA SCROLL.

My next pick is a great one, The Last Dragon. This one can be rented from Amazon. Check out the description below:

Martial arts student, Leroy Green (Taimak), is on a quest to obtain the elusive all-powerful force known as “The Glow.” Along the way, he must battle the evil, self-proclaimed Shogun of Harlem – a kung-fu warrior also known as Sho’nuff (Julius J. Carry III) – and rescue a beautiful singer (Prince protegee, Vanity) from an obsessed record promoter.

And seeing as it is a holiday weekend, I’m gonna drop a extra pick in honor of Labor day. If you like tournament martial arts, Olympic style competition, and underdog stories, then this one is another choice film, Best of the Best. this one can be rented from Amazon, VUDU, Xbox, or if you have Starz or ATT U-verse, youll be able to see it there. Here’s the Description from Amazon:

Eric Roberts and Christopher Penn star as members of the U.S. National Karate Team. After three months of grueling training under their unorthodox coach (James Earl Jones), they are ready to face thehighly skilled Korean team and become true champions. In an unexpected and climactic ending these men come to understand what it takes to be the Best of the Best.

And that’s it kids 3 awesome picks for your Holiday Weekend. Stay safe and happy Labor Day!

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