Movies We’re Excited About for the Rest of 2015

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Labor Day is on the horizon bringing with it back to school and the unofficial end of summer.   With the end of summer means the end of summer movie season which brings the close of most of the movie blockbuster.

Does that mean we need to stop going to the movies until April of next year?  Hell no!  Just because there are only a few blockbusters left in the calender year doesn’t mean there aren’t that many movies left to get excited for.  So dear reader, here’s our list of movies we’re excited about for the remainder of 2015.


September 11 brings us a double dose of wrestling movies.  First up is a documentary called Resurrection of Jake the Snake.  Directed by Steven Yu this documentary explores the Jake the Snakes struggle with addiction and him coming back from the brink.  And if that’s not enough for your wrestling movie fetish we have 12 Rounds 3: Lock Down.  Now most of the WWE Studio movies are well kind of garbage, but we’re excited for 12 Rounds 3 because of the star Dean Ambrose.  Why?  Just watch this clip and tell me you don’t want to see him play a cop with his back against the wall.

Then three days later on Monday September 14 Fathom Events and The Nerdist  present The Hive which looks to be a pretty terrifying zombie flick.  And while we’re on the zombie kick (so far our picks have been coming in pairs of two) there is Cooties being released that Friday the 18.  This is a movie taking place at a middle school where the kids have all become zombies and the teachers including Elijah Woods, Rainn Wilson and Jack McBrayer all try to survive.  This looks to be hilarious and we can’t wait.

Closing out September is Attack on Titan: Part I on September 30th.  We are huge fans of the mange and anime and can’t wait for the live action film.  The trailers looks fantastic and the Titans are even more terrifying than ever.  Also so I can keep the pairs of two going, a month later on October 30 we get Part II.    Who says Fall can’t have blockbusters.


October kicks off with a film adaption of Andy Weir’s The Martian staring Matt Damon as an astronaut stranded on the red planet as he has to survive using his wit and intellect as he waits for help to arrive.  The book is excellent and the trailers have us salivating.

Two weeks later on the 16th we get a pair (see we’re doing the pairs again) of scary movies.  One, Goosebumps is for the kiddies and stars Jack Black as the author of the tweener series of books from the 90’s R.L. Stein.  I was kind of iffy on this movie at first but when I saw the trailer for it before Ant-Man and saw how much my son enjoyed it I suddenly became intrigued.  Also out that day is the Guillermo Del Toro gothic horror Crimson Peak starring Loki himself Tom Hiddleston in a haunted house movie that the trailers don’t shed much light on the overall plot, which is a good thing.  We know he takes a bride in Jessica Chastain and brings her to his mansion which is haunted.  Color me intrigued but I can’t wait.

To close out the month on October 30 we have the before mentioned Attack on Titan: Part II and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, because what would the day before Halloween be without a zombie horror comedy?


James Bond returns to open November with his 24th movie Spectre.  It’s Daniel Craig’s Bond, what more do we really have to say to get you excited?  Fine, how about this is the reboots first clash with the Spectre organization Bond used to clash with in the Sean Coronary days.  We here at Clash are huge Bond fans and we can’t wait to jump back in to the series.  Also opening that day (and I might have to pull a double feature) is my favorite comic strip The Peanuts.  They have a feature length film and everything I’ve seen from the trailers looks like good old fashion Charle Shurtz fun.  Much like Mr. Peabody and Sherman it doesn’t look like the studio tried to make these characters modern or hip, but rather stayed true their essence.

November 13 we get the return of The Ring with The Ring 3.  Wait, wait, wait, there is a third fucking Ring movie out there?  There has been zero hype for this movie, what the fuck internet?!  Also there isn’t shit out there on this.  All there is is the IMDB page for the movie.    I do have a question though, has Samara upgraded to blu-rays, digital download, streaming, or at least DVDs?  There is no way she’s still using VHS, who in the blue hell still has a VHS player?  I don’t care, holy fuck I’m excited.   Fun story, I got to go see an early screening of 2002’s The Ring and as soon as the movie ended my cell phone started ringing.  I looked down at it and the caller id read “Unknown Caller”.  That scared the shit out of me.  It took me like 3 or 4 days to listen to the voicemail.  Turns out it was just a sales call, but still, fuck that salesman.

The month closes out the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with Disney and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.  This movie looks absolutely adorable with the dinosaurs and humans living together because the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs missed us.  I really didn’t need to say anything more than Disney and Pixar though.  You put those two together and I’m going to the theaters no questions asked.  Also this movie looks like it’s going to be very UP like so I’ll probably be sobbing in a theater full of kids.  I’m so manly sometimes.

I was going to list a few movies for December, but no one gives a shit, December begins and ends on the 18th with the release of mother fucking STAR WARS: The Force Awakens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you’re not excited for this film you are at the wrong site my friend.  Seriously I would sacrifice all these movies just to skip to December 18 right now.  Watch the trailer below, get excited, and oh yeah, the Force Friday is tomorrow.  I’m sure we’ll have something to say about that.


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