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IT’S…..FRIDAY!!!! And it’s time for another edition of Friday Anime! I’m still on the search for the next great anime to inevitably take the place of Naruto Shippuden once that series ends. As an old school fan, I’m very particular about my anime, there are some potential shows I need to check out but I am in the process of moving so, my time has been very limited as of late. Also this Article may transition into a video, but that’s not set in stone yet. But for now let’s recap/review/bitch about this week’s anime, shall we?

Dragon Ball Super ep 18

Following the pattern that I assumed they would, DBS is currently showing the viewers what happened between Battle of the Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. This week was pretty funny with Goku pretty much being Goku. When Goku finally joins back up with Vegeta on Beerus’ home world, hilarity ensues with Goku and Vegeta doing their chores before Whis trains them. For me the best part was when they had to change Beerus’s sheets with out waking him up and out of nowhere, Goku gets caught in a “Figure Four” Leg lock. We also see for a bit Frieza’s henchmen but also we finally see the two character’s from the opening credits that have yet to be introduced into the show (the Fat Beerus and Girl Whis characters) we don’t know what they’re doing or what their purpose is yet. I will assume that they will come into play once they finish the Frieza Arch. Unless Frieza is their guy. We didn’t see how Frieza becomes Golden in the movie so maybe they’ll cover that in the show.

3 out of 5

Naruto Shippuden ep 437

Filler… not getting any better… skip… Sigh… or go watch “The Last: Naruto Movie” at least that one was entertaining.

1 out of 5

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