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Hello anime viewer! IT’S…….FRIDAY!!!! time to breakdown/Review/Recap this week’s anime episodes once again on Friday Anime! This week we saw Goku try to get a chance to train with Beerus on DBS and got more filler from Naruto Shippuden. We’ve also got one more anime trivia question for a 48-hour Premium+ pass for the Crunchyroll anime streaming service. Let’s get started shall we.

Dragon Ball Super ep 17

Now I am a fan of the new series, I say that every time. I find some of the fans of DBZ have some weird gripes about the series. I actually had a conversation with one such fan this past Halloween weekend. For him, he wasn’t really a fan because, and I quote, the animation was lazy and didn’t like how silly the tone has become. Now like him, I did agree with one point, Gohan’s direction was kinda dumb but I had to point out that Gohan was always bookish and not really a fighter in spite of his power. Kumar said it best, “Just because youre hung like a horse, doesn’t mean you have to do porn”. As for the animation, Really now? Come on, the animation is better than the previous series’. Ok some frames are drawn weird at times but 1. Every traditionally drawn animation has weird cells and 2. compare the first episode of DBS to any episode of DBZ, its an evolution and DBZ animation is friggin 30 years old. DBS is an attempt to do what DBGT failed miserably to do, take the characters from DBZ and reincorporate the humor and lighthearted tone that made the original Dragon Ball so popular.

This week we had more goofy Hijinks from Goku. Since the end of last week’s episode, A year and a half has passed and Pan has been born and everyone else has shifted to their Resurrection ‘F’ character designs. They really are building to the return of Frieza so no real spoiler there. I imagine one or two more episodes until they get to that story. Oddly enough though, no one seemed to notice that Vegeta has been gone for a year and a half except Bulma. The episode had some very funny moments like when Goku is waiting for Bulma to call him when Whis has returned. It was a fun episode and ends exactly as you would expect it to, Goku going off to train with Whis and Vegeta.

3 out of 5

Naruto Shippuden ep 436

Boring… so unbelievably boring. this arch has gone on way too long and its maybe about half way done. The Jonin are still missing, Neji and Naruto have just been told the story of Neji’s father’s sacrifice by who I’m guessing Neji’s father since the Uchiha massacre didn’t happen here so the man In the mask is not Obito, Not even team Jiraiya could save this episode. Please, Please, PLEASE! get back to the main story already! I’m tired of saying the same thing each week, as much as I’m sure this audience is tired of me saying the same thing.

0.5 out of 5

And now for the final trivia question:

What is the Japanese name of the “Ancient One” from Ronin Warriors?

Answer in the comments below. First correct answer gets the last 48-hour CrunchyRoll Pass. Good Luck!

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