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Hello once again! it’s Friday, So let’s talk some anime! This week is going to be a little short due to the lack of an episode of Naruto Shippuden. Unfortunately it just happens sometimes, and we don’t find out about the scheduling change until we go to watch the episode. We still got an episode of DB Super and a trivia question for the 48-Hour Crunchyroll passes.

Dragon Ball Super ep 16

As this series goes on, I find myself becoming more and more of a fan. I was a huge DBZ fan back in the day. The action could not be beat at the time and to this day it still inspires a lot of action sequences spanning various types of media. Dragon Ball Super is a completely different animal than DBZ, but in a good way. The episode this week for Dragon Ball Super is a perfect example of how. DBS does what DBGT could not do, It combines the fun light hearted humor of Dragon Ball with the action of it’s grown up counterpart, DBZ. What I have grown to be a fan of are the Vegeta heavy episodes in DBS because seeing such a serious character in original Dragon Ball Style humor is just comic gold for me.

This episode starts exactly what I thought, and that is explores the time between Battle of the Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. The beginning of the story sees Goku driving that tractor around when Krillin comes to visit. This exchange is so funny to me as we see Krillin and Goku reminiscing about their days training with Master Roshi. This ends with Krillin goading Goku into Punching him in the face so he could see how strong Goku has become. obviously this ends terribly for Krillin, but still hilarious to watch.

The rest of the episode revolves around Vegeta. Vegeta finds out that Whis is on Earth and Bulma is essentially taking him on a food tour in a attempt to butter him up to try to prevent another situation like with what happened with Beerus. Knowing that Whis is on Earth, Vegeta Quickly tries to convince Whis into taking him on as a student. Everything that Vegeta does is hilarious! I won’t spoil that for you if you haven’t seen it yet but it is definitely worth watching.

3.5 out of 5

we’re into week three of our trivia contest giveaway for the 48 hour premium Crunchyroll passes. just remember to submit your answers below in the comments and first right answer gets a code:

What is the real name of the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist?

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