Anime Review: Ninja Tools, Ninja Fools

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And just as I thought, Naruto has reached that point where they’re going to drag things out to an unbearable degree. The 2 episodes we got this week focus on the BORING character in this universe, Ten Ten. I’d say the next 6 episodes will all start the same way this one did, the character getting caught in the Infinite Tsukinomi. These episodes follow Ten Ten in her weird dreamworld where she ends up helping in a dire situation, something that she normally wouldn’t be much help In.

There was a moment that could have saved these 2 episodes but they didn’t really capitalize on it. Ten Ten was aware something was wrong with the world. She tried to dismiss the genjutsu but being it was so powerful, she could not. She then goes on to find a way. The problem with this is that she’s trying to find a solution trapped in a dream in her head, reading books that she probably never read in real life, see the problem? How could she even hope to find a hint? There was a moment where she could have been bad ass, and she was robbed of that meant by lazy animators. If this is a sign of the quality of upcoming episodes, you may wanna skip till they come back to the main story. I’m not gonna lie though. It may be awhile.
1 Ninja Tool out of 5

Now let’s get to something not disappointing DBS 8. The episode was actually really good in spite of being an alternate scene of a movie. It was actually better then its equivalent scene from Battle of the Gods. They did a great job conveying the sheer anger then despair of Vegeta facing Beerus. More surprised is that He gave home a little bit of a fight. There was a whole exchange between Oolong and Beerus that I don’t remember from the movie that I thought was hilarious. But after that, the episode goes as you would expect, Goku is fashionably late. Then episode ends before he summons the dragon. Nothing new here.

3 Terrified Oolongs out of 5

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