Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden episodes 422 & 423 (Contains Spoilers)

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Well, it’s Thursday again. And if you’re a Naruto fan like me, that means it’s new episode day! I’ve got good news, we were graced with 2 new episodes today. Bad news though, they’re filler.


Now that’s probably where I lost some of you but hey I understand. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s filler, fortunately though, these episodes are entertaining. This week instead of getting to watch the fight you’ve been waiting months to see (almost a year if you’re caught up on the manga) we flash back to the beginning of Shippuden when Naruto first returns to the Hidden Leaf Village. From here we branch off from the story that we’ve seen already and we go to the point of view of one of my favorite side characters, Konohamaru. It is here we see Konohamaru’s journey to catch up to Naruto, the show’s protagonist, all set to key moments in the Shippuden series as the backdrop. Now even though these are dreaded filler episodes, they did actually add to the current narrative by adding some depth with a side arch. We actually get to see Konohamaru and his friends training and see him perfect the technique that Naruto passed down to him, the Rasengan. Earlier in the series we found out that Naruto did teach him this powerful move that has the power to pretty much “one-hit K.O.” Anyone that isn’t an ungodly monster but they glanced over Konohamaru obtaining this ability.


1.) Hold out your hands. 2.) …. 3.) Jutsu!


As could be expected from Konohamaru heavy episodes, there’s a lot of comedy sprinkled throughout both episodes. Most of the comedy is very dependent on Konohamaru’s misunderstanding of the instructions given to him and figuring out what he needs to do, except he does them with the aid of his “pervy jutsu techniques ” (for those unfamiliar, it a move where he surprises the opponent by transforming into a scantily clad sexy girl, then taking advantage of the distraction with an attack)


You heard the man, Jutsu harder!


Overall, I thought that these episodes were a good way to revisit some of the defining moments of the series. They also gave better depth and development to a great side character. My only gripe is that some of the moments revisited were glanced over a bit, which is fine except for the culmination where if you are up-to-date on the series you could guess it’s when Konohamaru takes down one of the “Paths of Pain” with the Rasengan and saves Ebisu Sensei. This scene was edited a little short and choppy for my liking. This aside, I feel that these episodes gave me my Naruto fix for the week. But what do you guys think?

Grade: 3.5 Wind Shirikens out of 5

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