Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden Ep. 424

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Episode 424 of Naruto Shippuden was released today one streaming services like Hulu and Crunchy Roll. In this episode we see the newly Restored/Upgraded Naruto and Sasuke take on Madara.

Now last week, we were given 2 episodes that were filler. This was meant to pad the series so that animators have enough time to create more episodes dealing with the main story. This is normally done when an anime is running at the same time and catches up to the manga (Game of Thrones, anyone?) But here’s the problem with that, Naruto the Manga finished last year. What is the purpose of all of this filler? Aside from extending the series as long as possible, most of the time these episodes are very jarring and this episode suffers from it.

The episode starts off very promising, great action and Naruto and Sasuke up the intensity by taping into their newly acquired powers. But due to the filler from last week, the narrative suffers because this episode was full of exposition and 2/3 was devoted to talking which made it feel unbalanced. Not exactly the type of episode you want to come back to from a break. Now if you haven’t read the manga, this episode is important to the story but do yourself a favor, go back to episode 420 and 421 and refresh yourself before you dive into this one. You’ll feel more satisfied.

Grade: 2 chidoris out of 5

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