Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden 425 & DB Super 6 (Contains Some Spoilers)

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Too… Many… Flashbacks… it’s almost like mid episode filler at this point in Naruto. Episode 425: The Infinite Dream thankfully incorporated them fairly well so that at least they made sense. In the case of Madara capturing Obito to gain control of the Rinnegan in his possession, Madara starts monologuing, then the episode goes into the first flashback of Madara’s “long con”. In spite of the flashback being footage from filler episodes, we did learn that Rin, Obito’s Love interest, was part of Madara’s plan as well. Man, what a D*ck. I’ve read a head like a lot of other naruto fans but I personally missed this part. Way to ruin people’s lives just because you can Madara.


Right before Madara returns to the fight we get treated to yet another flashback. this one was relatively short and  serves the purpose of showing how much Team 7 has changed and grown. Madara finally returns Even more powerful than before after obtaining Obito’s Rinnegan and this fight becomes even more intense than before. Naruto and Sasuke are making up new moves at this point. We even see Madara rip off a move from Super Buu of Dragon Ball Z fame.



2.5 disembodied sharingans out of 5


Speaking of Dragon Ball the site that I watch Dragon Ball Super on releases their episode on Monday. But of course given the current happenings on DBS, chances are you’ve already seen half of the episode if you saw Battle of the Gods. This episode seems to have actually skipped some stuff for once. This is a good thing. It seems that they have skipped all of that stuff with the Pilaf Gang trying to steal the Dragon Balls and gotten right to the catalyst of the fight with Beerus, and that’s Fat Buu being a D*ck and not sharing his Pudding. the unfortunate result of skipping the stuff from BotG (Battle of the Gods) is that they skipped all of the funny bits with Vegeta trying to keep Beerus calm. on the bright side they did try to keep some of the comedy in by making a couple of comedic scenes with Vegeta. 

Time to make the Doughnuts

I don’t remember these from the movie but then again it was 2am when I saw that one. this episode wasn’t anything to write home about. the scene where Beerus owns Fat Buu was great though.



2 Pudding cups out of 5


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