Anime Review: Expelled from Paradise

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I recently checked out this one on Netflix. I first found out about it from one of the members of the Facebook Group “Geeks of the Chive”. Here’s the synopsis as it appears on iMDB:

With Earth now left in ruins following the “Nano Hazard,” most of humanity has abandoned the planet they once called home along with their physical bodies and rebuilt their digitalized minds into a society within the cyber universe of “DEVA.” A.D. 2400, DEVA’s central council detects an incident of unauthorized access into their mainframe. Someone on Earth was trying to hack into the system. The only information DEVA was able to retrieve was that the hacker referred to themselves as “Frontier Setter.” To investigate the mysterious hacker’s motives, the high officials of DEVA dispatch System Security Third Officer Angela Balzac to the Earth’s surface. Equipped with a prosthetic “material body,” Angela attempts to make contact with a local agent Dingo, but what awaited her instead was a swarm of Sandworms now infesting the Earth’s surface. Angela intercepts the gruesome pests with her exoskeletal powered suit Arhan. Will Angela and Dingo be able to find Frontier Setter on this devastated planet? Their journey to explore the secrets of the world will begin now…!

Now, I did find this Anime entertaining. That being said, I also found it quite Derivative of other anime and films that came before it. To me it seemed very inspired by films like James Cameron’s Avatar, the Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Armatage III, Appleseed and series like Sword Art, and Cowboy Bebop.

The movie overall was decent. The animation is quite beautiful. It took me a long time to realize that it was done as a cell shade animation. And the story, though derivative, was enjoyable.

Grade: 2.5 Bored Saturdays out of 5

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