Anime Review: Dragon Ball Super episodes 1-4 (contains spoilers)

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I’m sure many of you like myself were fans of Dragon Ball Z back in the day. So when I first heard about creator Akira Toriyama returning with a new series, I was immediately excited. The excitement continued to build when we found out that this new series takes place right after the defeat of Majin Buu (and pretending that DBGT didn’t happen) but does this new series live up? In my opinion yes but there are some caveats.

The first two episodes place right after Buu but WAY before the world martial arts tournament at the end of DBZ and right before Battle of the Gods. So, right off the bat we know that even though we’re supposed to pretend like DBGT didn’t happen, it technically isn’t negated and we have a bit before characters like Uub and Pan get introduced. Also given the time this series takes place, we know how it ends.

I like the direction this new series is taking so far. We get to see what all of the “Z Fighters” have been up to in their time off. Goku apparently is a farmer when he’s not saving the world and Hercule/Mr. Satan is still taking the credit and Fat Buu is living with him. At the end of ep 1 Mr. Satan goes to Goku to inform him that he was given the peace prize for saving the world, but in a show of class, Mr.Satan offers Goku the cash Prize of 100 Million Zennie. Goku reluctantly accepts because Goten brings up the fact that if he brings that home Chi Chi will probably let him go train.

In episode 2 we get to see Vegeta make good on his promise to take young Trunks from “Z” when Vegeta hit trunks in the face to take him to the amusement park (don’t worry, they do flash back because I forgot about it too) this is intercut with Goku training on King Kai’s planet and Supreme and Elder Kai sensing the awakening of Lord Beerus.

From here episodes 3 and 4 are unfortunately fleshed out parts of Battle of the Gods so you can probably end up skipping those episodes unless you need something to watch. Episode 5, however, though this is essentially an expanded version of the scene in battle of the gods where Beerus and Goku meet for the first time, this episode gives you something I didn’t know I wanted to see. In the expanded scene, Goku actually tries to fight Beerus in his other forms starting in Super Sayian 1, then trying 2, then ultimately failing to really even land a hit with 3. The biggest difference between this episode and the scene from Battle of the Gods is that there’s a sense of build up and growing desperation from Goku, and they did a way better job of showing how out classed Goku was with SSJ 3 (though I did find myself wondering how he’d do if he could go SSJ 4 at this point) if the following episodes keep upping the stakes like episode 5 did, I don’t think I’d mind watching what would essentially be the extended cut of Battle of the Gods.


Episodes 1 & 2 = 3.5 Senzu Beans out of 5
Episodes 3 & 4 = 2.75 Senzu Beans out of 5
Episodes 5 = 4 Senzu Beans out of 5

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