Anime Review: DBS 10, Naruto 430, God Eater 4

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IT’S… FRIDAY!!!! Time for another edition of anime review. Just an FYI, unfortunately I’m not caught up on Gate yet so I won’t be reviewing Gate until I get caught up. (This is the reason I haven’t done Knights of Sedonia yet) but anyway let’s get started.

Naruto ep 430:

Sigh… Still filler… Better than last week… this episode was still following Killer Bee’s dream where he’s trying to gather up all of the Jinchuriki before the Akutski does and take them Akutski down. In the dream world it’s a hobbled version of the Akutski consisting of dierdra, and the puppet guy (can’t remember his name) and the gedo statue. This episode did have a funny moment with Orochimaru and Kabuto. The end of the episode was cool with their “Super Sentai” moment but all in all, you can skip this one (and possibly the next two episodes) unless you can’t get enough Killer Bee. Forewarning it seems like the filler is going to concentrate 2 episodes per character and next week is following Karin. Next week may be a “one-word” review for shippuden.

2 Jinchuriki out of 5

DragonBall Super ep 10

So… Beerus and Goku finally start fighting a bit. It was a bit slower pace than what I was expecting but there were some funny spots. The majority of the episode revolves around them with some fairly funny moments with Whis and the Pilaf gang (yes, they’re still there)

2.5 Kais out of 5

God Eater ep 4

I am enjoying this series. I think it is a decent substitute for “Titan”. This episode really concentrates on backstory of the leadership and giving further hints as to where the monsters that destroyed the Earth came from so it’s a very slow episode. The ending was kinda eff’d up. I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you’re watching this.

3 survivors out of 5

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