Anime Review 10/8

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Naruto 433

Well, we still haven’t gotten back to the main story arch. We’ve still got at least 1 more episode hopefully. This weeks episode was interesting. It still continues the alternate reality where Naruto parents hadn’t died and Itachi didn’t kill the uchiha clan. This episode definitely had the feel of an episode from the previous series. This episode sees all of the team’s all of the jonin kidnapped seemingly by rinnegan mask Obito . Other Akutski members returned, including the one I despised the most, Hidan. The episode ends on a semi cliffhanger where Hidan draws blood on Naruto , thus cursing him with his special ability.

3 out of 5

Dragon Ball Super

This episode was pretty decent given its lack of action. Goku was able to push Beerus to 100% before “God Mode” wore off. Much like Battle of the Gods, Goku was able to sustain his power level. This episode did a better job of that as Goku didn’t notice and was still taking the fight to Beerus. The next episode brings the conclusion of the fight. I for one am very excited to see what comes next.

3.5 out of 5

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