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mavel vs dc

Why hello there, welcome to our little spot on this vast wasteland known as the world wide web, welcome to Clash of The Nerds.

You maybe be asking yourself right now “what is Clash of The Nerds, and why should I care?”

Both are good questions and in this first post I’m going to do my best to answer them.  First off, let me introduce myself along with my co-creator.  My name is Josh and my compatriot on this site is Nelson.  I’m sure we’ll have bios up eventually so you can get to know us a little more (as well as links to our social networking apps).  Both of us are self-proclaimed nerds, geeks, and degenerates, well maybe only one of us is a degenerate, but between the two of us we have a wide knowledge of everything geeky.   Video games, anime, comics, movies, toys, etc., you name it odds are one of us has an interest in it.

Now that you know who we are I guess I can let you in on what we’re doing here.  Firstly, we’re not here to reinvent the wheel.  We make no promises of “revolutionizing” how nerdy things are reported on in the inter-webs, no, we’re just going to put our own little spin on things and do this shit our way.  We want to offer a forum where geeks, nerds, fanboys, trekies, and the such can come and check out some cool content and discuss or battle it out in the comments section.  This is a free and open area (with limits, don’t threaten anyone) where all of us fans can come together on a topic and agree or flame the hell out of each other, hence the name “clash”, but at the same time we want it to be as civil as possible, but I know this is the internet and a keyboard and anonymity can turn rational people into assholes, or as the fine folks at Penny-Arcade put it “total fucktards”

So why should you care about another site like this popping up?  Because we want to make this site more than just a site that posts stuff, we want to interact with everyone.  You want us to cover something, let us know, we’ll look into it.  You don’t like something, let us know, and if it’s not popular we’ll dump it from the site.  All in all we wanted to create something where we can share our thoughts with you and hear what you think as well.  Both Nelson and I have our opinions (Nelson’s being unwaveringly strong) and we always welcome a discussion on those opinions.

Some things we post will be fun romps and adventures we’ve taken through this nerd life, some will be reviews of properties (anything ranging from games, comics, movies, and the likes), some will be your typical fanboy rage on certain things, like my worry on the DC cinematic universe to Nelson’s out right contempt for it, and so on.

So again, welcome to our little site and I hope you come back again and enjoy the content we post.


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